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  • Boston’s Tallest Buildings

    Boston's Tallest Buildings

    Pretty neat map of Boston’s Tallest Buildings.

  • Tips for Buying a Boston Condo

    Buy Boston Condo

    Buying condos are an ideal choice for city living. With the recent growth of new luxury condos available in Boston, now is the time to find a place close to the action. Condos allow you to live in the city while still getting the benefit of owning property. Instead of throwing your money away on […]

  • Boston is a pretty expensive place to live – no duh right?

    Boston Condos Rents High

    Boston Rents By T Stop So RentHop create this spectacular map. It shows the rents by T stop throughout Boston. They’re smart, they’re a Real Estate Search Engine (like this website will be one day), and they did their research. Trust the results. What did They figure out? The longer you ride the T – […]

  • New Boston Luxury Condos Available 2018

    Part of exciting changes to Boston’s Seaport District, construction of Boston luxury condos called Pier 4 will provide upscale housing near the Financial District, with easy access to Logan Airport and surrounding suburbs. In an already desirable location, these luxury condos for sale will enhance the Seaport and create a vibrant atmosphere in conjunction with […]

  • Perks of the Boston Seaport District

    There are many perks to living in one of Boston’s most exciting and thriving neighborhoods. The Boston Seaport has grown from an industrial area to an innovative and lively area where people want to visit and live. Development abounds and in addition to luxury condos, the area also boasts parks, walkways, culture, dining and fun. […]

  • Big Changes in the Boston Seaport

    What was once an industrial zone filled with warehouses and wharves, the Boston Seaport District has turned into a destination for entertainment, dining and living. The transformation has taken decades, but now the Boston Seaport District is the premier neighborhood to go to work, play and live. Many big changes helped the Boston Seaport become […]

  • Why You Should Live in the Boston Seaport District

    More and more people are choosing to live in the Boston Seaport District. This growing area is rich in development and innovation. The Boston Seaport District, also known as the South Boston Waterfront is a great place to live because it is close to restaurants and nightlife, culture and entertainment, and parks and recreation. You […]

  • The 5 Best Things About Boston Condos With a View

    Boston Condos with View | Luxury Real Estate News

    One of the fastest growing areas of Boston is the Boston Seaport. A huge transformation has taken place since the nineties when changes to the city’s infrastructure created easy access to the seaport via highway and public transportation. New restaurants, attractions and buildings are popping up along the Seaport, revitalizing the area and making it […]

  • Transforming the Boston Seaport

    Boston Seaport | Real Estate For Sale

    Currently the hottest place in Boston, the Boston Seaport District wasn’t always so popular. From mud to docks to innovation, the Boston Seaport District has transformed into the place to live, work and play. Where once ships only docked to unload fish, now restaurants, hotels, and businesses flourish. With its amazing waterfront views, the newest […]