The 5 Best Things About Boston Condos With a View

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One of the fastest growing areas of Boston is the Boston Seaport. A huge transformation has taken place since the nineties when changes to the city’s infrastructure created easy access to the seaport via highway and public transportation. New restaurants, attractions and buildings are popping up along the Seaport, revitalizing the area and making it a popular place to live, work and shop. Pier 4 Boston condos with a view are the latest in mixed use developments enhancing the area.

1. The View

Need we say more? Probably not, but we will. The South Boston Waterfront is one of the fastest growing areas, and the amazing view is a big reason. Luxury condos are built right on the harbor, surrounded on three sides by the ocean. With unobstructed views of the ocean, residents can enjoy the view from inside the comfort of their own home or outside from private balconies. This spectacular view is sure to impress. The view alone makes it a highly desired place to live.

2. The Convenience

Yet the view is only one of many perks available to residents of Boston luxury condos. In addition to the close proximity to shopping and dining, there is underground parking and an on-site gym. Imagine the convenience of easy parking and a quick walk to exercise, shop and dine.

3. The Location

The Boston Seaport is quickly becoming the popular place to be. With such a great location, right on the South Boston Waterfront, luxury condos are incredibly desirable. Nearby are restaurants, hotels, and a variety of attractions, including the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA), the Seaport World Trade Center, the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, the Blue Hills Bank Pavilion, the Boston Children’s Museum, the Boston Harborwalk and the Eastport Park Open Air Sculpture Garden, among many others. It’s just a short trip to a lot of fun.

4. The Outdoor Plaza and Park

More than just a building. Aiding the transformation of the Seaport District will be the amazing landscape architecture surrounding the luxury condos. A half-acre plaza will create a place for residents to walk, relax or dine while taking in the waterfront view. An additional one-acre park will add to the beauty of the area. With a stage as part of the park, opportunities for entertainment will abound. Part of the innovative design includes sea steps that lead directly into the ocean.

5. The Amenities

Luxury condos with premier amenities. Get what you want in style. You won’t just get convenience, you will get upscale accommodations. The residences provide top quality features.

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