Why You Should Live in the Boston Seaport District

More and more people are choosing to live in the Boston Seaport District. This growing area is rich in development and innovation. The Boston Seaport District, also known as the South Boston Waterfront is a great place to live because it is close to restaurants and nightlife, culture and entertainment, and parks and recreation. You should live in the Boston Seaport District because its great location puts you close to work and play.

Close to Work

Over 300,000 people commute into the city of Boston for work each day. If you live in the Seaport District, that doesn’t have to be you. Long commutes are hazardous for your health. CNN reported that people with long commutes are more likely to be overweight, have back and neck pain, have increased anxiety and stress and are unhappier. If you work in Boston, living in the Seaport District puts you a short commute away from work. With a variety of public transportation options by MBTA commuter rail, bus, taxi or water taxi, you can get where you need to go without a long commute. If you work in the Seaport District, your commute will be even shorter. Short commute=happy life.

Close to Fun

At the end of a long work day or week, fun is right around the corner. There is loads to do in the Seaport District and you won’t have to travel far. Whether you want to stay in the Seaport District to appreciate the local fun, or visit another part of Boston, your trip will be short.

  • Restaurants & Nightlife—The Seaport District has a large variety of restaurants and bars that you can’t find anywhere else. From fresh seafood to steak to Asian cuisine, you are sure to find something you like nearby.
  • Culture & Entertainment—In the heart of the Seaport District is the Institute of Contemporary Art with a wide collection of national and international art. There is culture and entertainment available for all age groups. Visit the Boston Children’s Museum, the Boston Fire Museum, or the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center.
  • Parks & Recreation—Visit the Boston Harborwalk, the Lawn on D, Fan Pier Park, Children’s Wharf Park or take a boat out to see Peddock’s Island or Gallops Island. Wherever you are in the Seaport District, you are a short distance from a park where you can relax and enjoy the view.

Close to Airport

Convenient access to the airport is great for work and play. Whether you need to travel for work or travel for a much needed vacation, the airport is a short trip from the South Boston Waterfront. Hop on 1-90, the Silver Line or take a taxi. There are multiple ways to get there from the Seaport District, making it convenient for travel.

Near the Boston Waterfront

The premier view is one aspect that makes the Seaport District such a great place to live. High demand for living space near the waterfront has stimulated the development of Boston condos with a view. Pier 4 is an exciting, new mixed use development that will house 100 luxury condos. Be close to work, close to play and close to the airport when you live in Pier 4 condos. With this great location, you will be close to a variety of entertainment, recreational and dining opportunities. Learn more about this impressive building by joining our preferred list.

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