Big Changes in the Boston Seaport

What was once an industrial zone filled with warehouses and wharves, the Boston Seaport District has turned into a destination for entertainment, dining and living. The transformation has taken decades, but now the Boston Seaport District is the premier neighborhood to go to work, play and live. Many big changes helped the Boston Seaport become the booming neighborhood it is today, including what is known as the Big Dig. In part thanks to the massive undertaking that overhauled the central artery, or main highway into the city, the Boston Seaport is now an accessible and beautiful place to live.

The Big Dig Connects the Seaport

Ten years since the completion of this huge project, the benefits have been seen. Despite huge overruns in cost and other problems that plagued the project, one thing is certain, it has helped the Boston Seaport District boom. Previously cut off from the city by the huge eyesore of the central artery, the new underground highway connects the seaport to the rest of Boston and allows the natural beauty of the Seaport to bloom. With easy access to the airport, and in and out of the city, the Boston Seaport is no longer isolated. People that choose to live, work and play in the Seaport can easily get where they need to go. With new construction on Pier 4 luxury condos, the options for Seaport living are expanding. On-site underground parking allows residents to easily move about the city and return home without worrying about finding parking.

Public Transportation

In addition to highway construction, the Big Dig also made public transportation more accessible to the Seaport District. The Silver Line connects the waterfront to the Logan airport, and makes it easy for residents of Pier 4 condos to get where they need to go. Bus routes stop at various points around Boston, ensuring that there is a way to get around the city when needed. Public transportation helps connect the Boston Seaport to the rest of the city, allowing those that live in the area stay connected.

Waterfront Views

There is no doubt that the Big Dig improved the aesthetic appearance of the city by replacing the raised highway with a tunnel and creating over 300 acres of parks and open space. Without the eyesore, the natural beauty of the waterfront enhances the city making it a place where people want to live. The Boston Seaport, also called the South Boston Waterfront, is a visual display of natural charm. Waterfront views are in high demand, making the new construction of Pier 4 condos an anticipated event. Located on the end of the historic pier, Pier 4 luxury condos have water on three sides, ensuring a wonderful view no matter which side of the building you inhabit. Private balconies give residents to these top-of-the-line condos a place where they can relax and enjoy the view from the comfort of their own home. The new waterfront park located on the property also provides a place for residents to take a stroll and enjoy a view of the ocean.

Big Changes Still Coming

The South Boston Waterfront continues to expand and develop. Pier 4 condos are an anticipated big change that will contribute to the growing area, making much needed living space available and adding to the charm of the Seaport. Be a part of the ongoing changes by signing up for our preferred list to to learn more about developments of this exciting project. Opening in 2018, Pier 4 luxury condos will be sure to add to this vibrant area.

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